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Trading Strategies

Gain access to our powerful trading strategies.

We offer ForexFutures and stocks trading education.

Active Mentoring

Learn directly from us, interact with us in the forum, post your trades and let us review your trading.

Weekly Setups

Every week, we share the best setups and new technical analysis with you for the coming week.

Trading Club

Over 5, 120 traders have joined our community. Each week, hundreds of new valuable contents and lessons are written in our club.


Become a Profitable Trader

Benefit from our professional mastermind courses.

What you’ll get:

 Learn to professionally trade Forex Trading with us

 Get access to our structured video courses

 Works on all timeframes

 Ongoing coaching daily + trade review

 Best weekly setups & watchlist

 Daily mentoring from us


Why Elite Forex?

EliteFx Malaysia is run by a team of professional trader who specialise in Forex Trading that know exactly what it take to earn a profit in this giant market.  The group has at least 5 years successful trading experience and proper qualification in the field of Forex Trading and Risk Management. By working with us, we will provide the most effective system that helped our client to optimize profit by minimizing the risk that constantly push their trading performance into greater result. We believe that with proper knowledge and skills received from our team it will help trader from the range of beginner, intermediate or even advance to progress well by developing a well profitable and low risk strategy that allow for profit every single day.

In brief, our philosophy is to bring up the greatest potential and intellectual in you with our best information and by showing the best possible direction regardless of whether you are beginner or experience trader that will help realize your wildest dream in Forex Market.

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Make a Full-Time Living Doing What You Love

“Can’t say enough Thank You to Elite Forex for sharing such a proper way of trading, I have been scammed many times along my journey to learn Forex luckily I came across Alex, Thank you to the wonderful course he created for us all!”

Stephie James is one of our students in Trader Mastery Academy

“Save up it’s worth it! No Bullsh*t, I joined after losing badly in the Forex market like everyone else BUT I can say the community is SOLID as gold! No scams just good straight up helpful support and info! That’s already worth a fortune. The course will only account a small percentage of your losses. You are actually paying to get out of the losing category! These are the type of people that talk, live, breath and love foreign exchange. Think of it more as a training course, furthering your forex education for the longer time. It’s definitely worth it! I’m just loving it!”

– George Ballard is one of our students in Trader Mastery Academy!

“Trader Mastery Academy is one of the best investments I’ve made. Lots of fun and also stuff to be learn here, I don’t want to sound like a “follower” but have to say you guys are the real deal. Alex is an absolute rockstar! Thank you guys for your great advise, well worth it. I’m finally able to collect consistency which I never knew I could do before.”

– Melinda Dickson is one of our students in Trader Mastery Academy!

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